Which is more fun? A game of 3DS or a game of Wii U?


Posted September 11, 2018 06:22:00The three major video game platforms (3DS, Wii U, and Xbox One) each boast different audiences and are aimed at different types of people.

Wii U has been in the midst of a resurgence, and is enjoying an unprecedented period of success.

However, the Xbox One is struggling to stay afloat as it loses ground to Sony’s Playstation 4.

In our latest poll, which game of the three is more popular, the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U beat out each other by a wide margin.

In fact, in the last month alone, the Wii U and 3DS have been the most-played video games on Steam, beating out Minecraft, and The Witcher 3.

The 3DS is a solid choice for the gamer who is looking for a more casual experience.

Its robust hardware and low price tag make it perfect for those who like to play online.

It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, which offers much more freedom.

But for gamers who prefer a more physical experience, the 3DS can offer some unique features, such as the ability to control and share your 3DS game with friends.

The Wii U is an option for those looking for something more of a home console, but it lacks the versatility of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo consoles.

However and in the next year, we believe the Wii will take the crown.

It has an impressive catalog of games and has a much stronger community.

Its advantage in the future is that it is more accessible, more accessible to new players, and has an established fanbase.

The Wii U also offers an improved camera, making it ideal for those with a larger screen.

However, as we mentioned earlier, there is a huge gap between the Nintendo and Sony platforms.

Sony has been steadily growing in popularity and has recently launched a new console, the PlayStation 4.

The Nintendo 3D console is a distant second, with its weak 3D capability and limited online functionality.

While the 3DO is still a very viable option, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a new gamer to find a suitable game for it.

The bottom line is that Nintendo is more successful than the other major video games platforms, but Sony is not going to fade away anytime soon.

The 3DS has a vibrant community, while the Wii has a solid user base and a solid online system.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, affordable gaming system, then you will definitely want to look into the Nintendo platforms.

However we do think the 3Ds are the better option.

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