When it comes to ‘Bachelor’ spin-off, ‘The Bachelorette’ can’t stay away from the Kardashians


The Bachelor franchise continues to thrive thanks to the popularity of the reality competition series, and the show has been expanding with a new spin-offs this year, including the season premiere of the Bachelorettes’ latest season, which airs tonight.

The latest episode of the season, “Dinner with the Bodies,” features a scene where the bacheloretts take a walk together and find out what’s on their plate.

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Josh Brener, who plays the Bachelor’s fellow contestant Ben Higgins, told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes to continue to do the show in the future.

“I think the audience will continue to grow,” he said.

I think that’s where we are right now. “

But I think as a network we have a great opportunity to keep expanding.

I think that’s where we are right now.

We’re really happy with the trajectory we’ve set up.”

He added that he doesn’t feel that he would ever give up the Bachelor franchise.

“There’s so many great shows that have come out of the Bachelor, but they have to be the ones that keep doing the show,” he added.

The Bachelor’s recent success with the young female demographic has led to speculation that it could someday be revisited as a spin-on.

“We don’t have any plans right now to go back to the first season of ‘The Bachelor,'” said Matt Fowler, president of the ABC Studios unit.

“It’s a great show.

It’s great to be a part of, and I’m thrilled with where it’s at.”