Why do some people still buy games online?

More games are now available to buy online, even if they are on sale.The latest release is The Last Guardian, which hit $2.6m on Steam and is available for download at $29.99.In the past few weeks, it has become the top-selling game on Steam, with $6.8m worth of sales in its first six days.The game

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How to play Bitcoin in the NBA game

ABC News game coverage editor Nick Bilton has taken a look at how to use the new digital currency in the basketball game.Key points:Bitcoin is not the first cryptocurrency to be used in the game.It’s not a game, it’s a platform where players can trade for virtual goods and services.ABC News game editor Nick Bennett

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How to find the best video games

The best video game games are the ones that you enjoy the most, according to a new study.It was published today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in its latest annual report on the gaming industry.It shows that the average gamer is spending up to three hours a day playing video games, but only four