New game called ‘Crazy Taxi’ gets rave reviews from reviewers


Posted December 15, 2018 16:13:56An award-winning game called Crazy Taxi is getting rave reviews online, with a new trailer that has been widely shared.

It’s not the first time the game has been given rave reviews, with its developer, the UK studio Taito, already garnering praise online.

Crazy Cab is set in the near future, with the player taking control of a taxi, which is seen as a futuristic transportation solution.

It features the player controlling a car as well as other vehicles, and there’s a large amount of customization options, such as adding lights, lights that glow, and other features.

In a new interview with Australian news website The Australian, Taito boss Toshimitsu Matsuoka discussed how he decided to bring Crazy Taxi to the US.

“We wanted to do something that’s similar to the previous game, which was Taxi Driver, but also bring the world of taxis and the drivers into the game,” he said.

“When we made Taxi Driver we had a lot of experience with making a taxi game, and we wanted to try and capture the essence of Taxi Driver.”

Crazy cab was first announced back in March, but Matsuokas comments came after the game had received rave reviews.

“It was one of those games that you can’t help but go, ‘Oh wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before’,” he said in an interview with Gamespot.

“This game is so fun, it just takes the game in a completely different direction.”

Cab-drivers have been known to play their games at bars and nightclubs, but it was never before that this was a feature of the game.

“The game takes place in the real world, and the taxi driver is in the game, but there’s not a car,” he explained.

“There’s not one driver on the streets, but you can see it when you’re driving through a street.”

The game is due out in the US on January 16, and in Australia on February 2.