Microsoft to launch Xbox One X console with 360-degree video capture and other tech


Microsoft will launch its next-generation Xbox One console with built-in 360-dome video capture technology, a major step toward making the device more immersive, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

The announcement, which came Thursday during a briefing in New York, marks Microsoft’s first step toward expanding the Xbox One’s capabilities to capture and display video from 360-degrees, the sources said.

The technology is also expected to improve the ability of the Xbox to detect the presence of the wearer in certain environments.

The company has been working with video game developers and tech companies to develop a 360-Dome camera that can record video from the Xbox’s Kinect camera and then output it to a monitor, tablet or other device, the people said.

Microsoft also plans to release a Kinect camera accessory that can connect to the 360-camera to create a “dome” of video in the middle of a room, they said.

That would make the 360 cameras “one and the same,” allowing them to be used in the same room, the source said.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft will also develop an Xbox 360 360 camera accessory, which would enable 360-motion capture and video capture from the camera.

The news comes just two weeks after Microsoft reported that it would launch a new Xbox 360 console with new 360-video capture capabilities.

The new console, codenamed “Sledgehammer,” is expected to launch later this year.

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