Microsoft is preparing to sell the Game Engine for $250M


Microsoft is planning to sell its Game Engine to the highest bidder for $240 million, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The move follows a series of high-profile deals announced over the past year in which companies such as Facebook and Google paid hefty sums to buy up large portions of Microsoft’s technology, and in which they have also sought to sell their own proprietary technologies to other companies.

Microsoft is expected to close the sale of the Game Engines by the end of the year, according the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are private and were not related to the company’s plans to sell other software.

The executives would not elaborate on the price of the sale, saying the matter is confidential.

The companies have not publicly disclosed the price, but sources have said that the sale price could be as high as $240 per share.

The Game Engins are Microsoft’s proprietary software that are used in games.

The sales of the technology to the biggest tech companies has become increasingly important as Microsoft has struggled to stay relevant in a competitive market.

It also poses a potential conflict of interest given that Microsoft, along with Facebook, Google and others, have been working to monetize their services in ways that would make it easier for them to make money off their products.

The Microsoft deal would also create a buyer with the power to make significant changes to Microsoft’s business.

Microsoft owns the GameEngines but has not directly used the technology in the Windows operating system, which has been the primary operating system for its games for years.

The announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to unveil its new Xbox game console at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with CNNMoney last week that Microsoft was planning to introduce the Xbox in 2020.

The announcement would mark a major step in Microsoft’s strategy to launch the next generation of Xbox consoles.

Microsoft announced in May that it planned to launch its first Xbox console in 2021.

The company also announced in September that it plans to release its next-generation Xbox game consoles in 2021, though it has not provided details on which platforms they will run.

Microsoft has sold more than 3 billion Xbox consoles worldwide, including the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Gaming Network.

Microsoft, which is also building its own next-gen gaming platform, the Windows 10 platform, is aiming to deliver on that promise with its new console.

Microsoft’s new consoles will be powered by an entirely new operating system that will be based on Windows 10 and that will run on the same hardware and operating system as its current Xbox platforms.

The new platform is said to include more powerful graphics processors, better graphics, faster memory and more powerful operating systems.

Microsoft said in October that it was also building a new version of Windows 10 that would run on top of the Xbox and Xbox Gaming Platform.

The Windows 10 operating system is expected by 2020 to be more powerful than the Windows 7 operating system.

The Xbox and Windows 10 consoles will likely run on a single operating system running on the Xbox.

Microsoft will be able to sell consoles for around $100 less than its current consoles.

The average selling price of a console has been around $300 since the launch of the current consoles in 2015, according a report from research firm Strategy Analytics.

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