How the NBA’s latest lockout may affect the Big 12 | ESPN


The NCAA basketball tournament is scheduled to kick off on Friday, which is a key date in the NBA season, and the conference’s basketball season will likely be a lot shorter than it normally is.

NCAA tournament games in recent years have typically been a few weeks long, so the conference could be left without a single game.

NCAA Tournament games in the past two years have been about three weeks, so it’s possible that some teams could end up playing less than a full game. 

According to the Associated Press, the NCAA’s basketball scheduling committee is considering postponing the Big Ten tournament until at least May, a decision that would leave the conference without two weeks of games.

The Big 12 and the NCAA have been at odds over scheduling since the end of the season, when the conference and the Big East signed an agreement allowing for a five-week break between conference play and the championship game.

The conference has since been locked in a battle with the NCAA over scheduling, and conference presidents have been unable to reach a deal that would resolve the scheduling dispute. 

In May, the conference was unable to agree on a schedule that would allow teams to play a full slate of games in May.

The NCAA announced that all of its tournament games would be played from May 27-29. 

The Big 12 will also likely have a shorter tournament than the NCAA would like, according to the AP. 

Although the NCAA has said that all Big 12 games will be played on the same day, the Big12 has said it would be willing to change its scheduling policy to allow for a smaller number of games, and a move would have been possible if the Big 8 had made the same move.

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