How did Fallout 4’s biggest weapon get its name?


The Fallout 4 DLC, The War Within, launched at $1.99 on March 6 and has been sold at $4.99.

Now, the game has a new name.

The Fallout: New Vegas: The Battle For The Capital Wasteland DLC, or The Battle for the Capital Wasteland, is available for free to anyone who pre-ordered the game and also pre-purchased The War For The Capitol Wasteland DLC.

The DLC is also free for those who bought the original Fallout: A New Hope DLC.

Fallout 4 players have been getting their first look at the DLC as the DLC is available now for free.

“Fallout 4: The War for the Capitol Wasteland is the epic story that is The War in the Capital,” said a description on Bethesda’s Fallout: The Vault Dweller website.

“It takes place in the Wasteland and pits the survivors of the Capital against the forces of The Commonwealth to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.”

“Fallen Wasteland will offer a new experience for the Fallout 4 community with the ability to play as an iconic Fallout character in the same iconic Fallout universe, including new features like customisable clothing, new weapons, armor and a host of new quests, perks and more,” it said.

“The War for The Capital will also introduce new ways to play the Fallout universe with a host to new content and experiences to discover and experience.”

Fallout: The New Vegas is a big game.

Fallout: War for Capital Wasteland is also big.

War for the capital?

It’s a good thing we got a trailer.

The Battle is just a small part of a game that’s been shaping up for years.

It’s an expansion to the main Fallout game.

Warfor the capital is a part of the DLC.

It looks awesome.

We should see more.

Fallout fans should be excited about it.

The first trailer released on Tuesday showed the game’s main character being introduced to the Wasteland.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Fallout game this big, and this is a game with the potential to be bigger than even the first Fallout game,” said the game developer, Todd Howard.

“We have the potential for a world unlike anything else in the Fallout franchise, one with epic stories, epic characters, epic landscapes, epic quests and epic bosses.”

Fallouts 2 was an epic Fallout game, with its trademark world and lore.

It was also one of the most popular games on the market.

War For The capital?

That’s just the beginning.

Fallout’s sequel, Fallout 4, will launch in 2019, followed by a sequel, The Last of Us: The Machine.

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