Hetalia: The Eternal Struggle review – the games news


The Hetalian series is about to get a new installment in the franchise.

And the latest news on this game reveals an interesting aspect to the series, the fact that it is not a sequel to Hetalan 2.

The latest news from Eurogamer, which covers the latest games news from around the web, comes from Hetalian: The Great War.

In it, the protagonist, Vile, will take on a new threat, which we can see coming from the game’s title.

The Hetalos have the ability to take control of an entire planet, using their own resources to conquer it and dominate it for their own purposes.

The game starts off with a very straightforward storyline, where you get a basic tutorial and can choose to either go on a journey through the planet or to join a party to fight the Hetalis.

In a game that is set in the same universe as the first Hetali, you will be able to choose from two classes: The Warrior and the Magician.

This class is similar to the one in the original Hetales game, but the two have their own abilities and skills.

You will get to choose between them at various points in the game, so this is the best way to find out how the new classes play out.

The game also has an interesting concept behind the story.

In the original game, you would have to fight through multiple missions to reach the end of the game.

The new game will have you facing off against multiple enemy groups at once, which is why the game starts with the Warriors and the Mages.

You can also find out more about Hetals history by playing the trailer below.

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