Google News is now on GameStop, as part of Google’s acquisition of GameStop and GameStop UK.


Google has announced it has acquired the UK-based gaming chain GameStop. 

The acquisition will bring together the company’s UK and US operations, including its headquarters in London. 

GameStop UK is the UK’s biggest retailer of video games, and GameStops UK are the UK stores most likely to stock games. 

Google is working with the UK GameStop chain to help customers enjoy the convenience of GameStop’s online shopping, offering its shopping service through GameStop stores. 

According to Google, GameStop’s store network, the GameStop GameShop, is the most popular online shopping site in the UK, with nearly one million people using GameStoops stores to buy and sell games.

GameStop said that the acquisition was a significant step towards GameStop becoming a leader in the online gaming space. 

“GameStop is a leader when it comes to online gaming, and we’re proud to be a part of this company’s journey,” GameStop CEO Jim Giancona said. 

 “With the acquisition, we are adding new products to our growing list of popular games, bringing the full power of GameShop to our customers across the UK. 

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