Gam 7: Bitcoin game news


Bitcoin game developer and developer of a cryptocurrency called Gam 7, Andrew Hulick, says he’s had no problems working with the company since launching the game on March 1.

“I was able to secure a developer job, and they have been very responsive to me since I’ve been running Gam 7,” Mr Hulik told

Mr Hulich also said he’s not expecting a “huge” financial return from the game.

“We have been doing the game development for six months now, and there is no real revenue or anything like that,” he said.

He said he had secured a small payment for his efforts, and the project is now running smoothly.

“I haven’t had any issues, and so far it’s been a great experience.

I’ve worked with them to get a lot of things done, so I think we’re going in the right direction,” Mr Hoik said.

Gam 7 is the first game to be licensed in Australia by a cryptocurrency.

“It’s exciting to see the game being licensed in this way and the way they’ve been handling things,” Mr Ruggles, who is based in Sydney, said.

“If this continues to grow, we’ll see more games like it come to Australia, and that’s great news for everyone involved.”

Gam 7 will be available for download in the US and Canada on the company’s website on March 13.

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