Five questions you need to ask to be a better hockey player


A hockey player is a player who is on the ice, but who is also able to read the play and analyze the situation before getting a shot on the goal.

There are no special skills to being a great puck handler, and while the puck will often end up at the feet of an NHL player, the more you can read and react to the play, the better. 

Here are five questions you can ask yourself as a hockey player to help you become a better puck handler.


How many assists can I score?

This is not an easy question to answer.

As an offensive player, you’re more likely to score more goals if you can score goals yourself.

But if you’re on the bench, or you don’t score enough goals for your team to win, how many goals do you want to score?

I’d say if you score one, that’s one goal.

I can’t speak for the rest of the league, but I would say the best way to score goals is to score them.

The more assists you score, the greater your chances of getting the puck out and scoring.


How do I know when to shoot?

This one’s a little tricky.

When you’re trying to make a play, you don’st want to be caught off guard by an incoming shot from a shooter in front of you.

You want to react quickly, and as soon as you see an open space in front, get your shot on.

I know that sounds simple, but if you think about it, most shots aren’t taken at an open area.

They’re taken when you’re about to cross the ice to try and take a shot. 

If you’re not taking a shot, you may as well shoot it, right? 

But if you don`t shoot the puck at the right time, you could get yourself into a position where you’re defending against an attacking player.

This is the reason why you want the shooter to be in front. 


How good of a skater can I be? 

If your goalie is out of position, you`re more likely than not going to get a turnover in your own zone.

So, the goal for a goalie is to make the right play to protect the puck. 

When you get the puck, you want it to be somewhere that you can make a quick decision and shoot the goal from.

The goal should be at least 1.5 feet away from your goalie.

If you’re able to get your first shot on goal, you are probably one of the best shooters in the league.

If not, you have to be better than your opponent, right now. 


How can I become more of a defensive player? 

The other big thing for a defensive defenseman is to have good puck sense.

A good puck-handling defenseman is able to see the play coming, read the situation, and anticipate where an offensive puck is headed.

As a defenseman, you should always try to read and anticipate the plays that are coming. 


What is the best type of goalie to play? 

I’ve mentioned that you`ll need a good goalie for your own team.

But what if you have an offensive goalie who can also be a goal scorer?

What if you`ve got a defenseman that can also play a key role in your defensive group? 

For the most part, you will find that a goaltender is the type of player who you can get a lot of goals from.

But with the goalies who you have in your team, you also need a goaltender that can take over the game in the defensive zone.

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