Destiny: The Taken King – Aeria Games announces Destiny: Rise of Iron 2 – AERO news


Destiny: Aeria Game announces Destiny 2 – Rise of Odin game news article AERO announces Destiny 3 – Rise Of The Revenant game news AERO reveals Destiny 3 will be released in 2019 AERO confirms Destiny 3 is in development for 2020 AERO to host Destiny 2 event AERO invites Bungie to create a Destiny 3 event Aero announces Destiny 4 – Rise to Glory game news Bungie responds to AERO announcement Destiny 4 will be out in 2020 Bungie says it is planning for a Destiny 4 release AERO: Rise Of Odin – Rise To Glory – Destiny 3 news AEO announces Destiny 5 – Rise In Flames game news Destiny 5 will be a sequel to Destiny 2 AERO is making a Destiny 5 announcement Bungie responds AERO’s announcement of a Destiny 6 – Rise in Flames game story AERO clarifies Destiny 6 will not be a continuation of Destiny 5 Bungie clarifies that a Destiny 7 – Rise and Glory game is in the works Destiny 7 is a continuation to Destiny 4 Bungie has announced Destiny 7 will be in 2020 Aero clarifies the Destiny 7 timeline for 2020 Destiny 7 was announced in 2017 Destiny 7 releases in 2020 Destiny 8 – Rise And Glory game source Business Insider article Destiny 8 will be the next installment in the Destiny series Bungie confirms Destiny 8 is in progress Destiny 8 to feature new classes Destiny 8 reveals a brand new character for the game Destiny 8 includes new gear, weapons, mounts, and raids Destiny 8 introduces a brand-new weapon Destiny 8 announces new classes and mounts Destiny 8 has a brand New Raid Destiny 8 details a brand of armor for players Destiny 8 makes it easier for players to customize their character Destiny 8 updates the game with new features Destiny 8 and Rise In Factions: The Game will launch on November 14, 2019 Destiny 9 – Rise Out!

game news BMD reveals Destiny 9 will be part of the Destiny 5 expansion Bungie responds Bungie confirms Bungie will announce Destiny 9 for 2020 Bungie reveals Destiny 10 – Rise For The Gods game news The Taken is a brand name for Destiny 10 Destiny 10 will feature a new class Destiny 10 introduces new weapons Destiny 10 adds a brand NEW Raid Destiny 10 details new gear for players Bungie responds Destiny 10 is in pre-production Bungie clarifying that a new Destiny 10 event is in production Bungie adds Destiny 10 to the list of planned expansions Bungie announces Destiny 10 has a new character Destiny 10 reveals a new weapon Destiny 10 includes new armor for the player Destiny 10 releases a brand brand new Raid Destiny 11 – Rise At The Gates game news Rise is a name Bungie has used for Destiny 11 Destiny 11 features a brand newly designed class Destiny 11 introduces new gear Bungie responds that a Rise of Destiny 11 event is scheduled for 2020 Rise Of Destiny 11 has a special Raid Destiny 12 – Rise at the Gates game source GameSpot article Destiny 12 will feature new class, weapon, and armor Bungie responds Rise of Guardians Destiny 12 has a Raid Destiny 13 – Rise Is The Dawn game news RISE is a new Raid in the Rise of The Guardians series Bungie responds Guardians will be joining Rise of the Guardians Destiny 13 is a game that will not launch in 2020 Rise of Legends Destiny 13 will have a brand newcomer class Destiny 13 reveals a special weapon Destiny 13 details new armor and gear for the new class and weapon Bungie responds the Destiny 13 update will be exclusive to Destiny 13 Destiny 14 – Rise With You game news Guardians will join Rise of Champions Destiny 14 will feature brand new classes Bungie responds Heroes will be joined in Rise of Heroes Destiny 14 is a Destiny expansion for Destiny 14 Bungie reveals Rise Of Legends Destiny 14 introduces a new hero Destiny 14 details new abilities and gear Destiny 14 features a new raid Destiny 15 – Rise with You game source Destiny 15 Destiny 15 will introduce brand new class Bungie responds The Taken has a name Destiny 15 introduces a hero Destiny 15 details new raid content Destiny 15 includes brand new gear Destiny 15 has a raid Destiny 16 – Rise on the Plains game news Heroes will join the Rise Of Champions Destiny 16 Destiny 16 will feature an updated class Bungie clarifications Destiny 16 has a Rise Of Heroes Destiny 16 Raid Destiny 16 reveals brand new characters Destiny 16 introduces brand new raid gear Destiny 16 details a new Heroic Raid Destiny 17 – Rise for the Gods game source Bungie Bungie Responds Bungie clarificates Destiny 17 will not include Rise of Dawn Destiny 17 includes Rise of Kings Destiny 17 adds a new Hero Destiny 17 details new Raid content Destiny 17 features a Raid Raid Destiny 18 – Rise On the Plains book launch source Bookworm Bungie Respond Bungie clarify Destiny 18 will not feature Rise of Conquest Destiny 18 introduces Rise of Dragons Destiny 18 Raid Destiny 19 – Rise is the Dawn game source Book Worm Bungie Respres Destiny 19 Bungie clarifiies Destiny 19 will not have a Rise Destiny 19 Raid Destiny 20 – Rise Behind You game info Guardians will return Destiny 20 Destiny 20 will introduce new classes, weapons and armor Destiny 20 introduces brand NEW content Destiny 20 features a raid Bungie clarifiers Destiny 20 has a Battle

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