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Why should you play ‘Lion King: The Lost Saga’ for free?

We are happy to announce that ‘Lions King: the Lost Saga’, the latest in the ‘Lithuanian Adventure’ franchise, will be free for download on Xbox One on August 14th.The game is set in the world of ‘Lincoln’, a world where the King has been murdered by his own son, the King’s new King, and his

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Astro League 2018 – ‘The Big Picture’

Astros: Astros Game Coverage article Astro League is back, and with the new year coming to a close, the team that won the inaugural Astro League in 2019 will be looking to repeat.This year’s edition of the Astros Big Picture has seen them face off against the Houston Astros, and the Astros have the better

Free games are the new norm in Australia

Australia is becoming increasingly popular among gamers as it prepares to host the first major gaming convention since the Fukushima disaster, with online gaming growing by 30 percent this year.In November, the Australian gaming community celebrated the release of its first annual gaming convention, dubbed PAX Prime.It saw players from around the world flock to

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Which game is your favourite?

The games industry is in flux.While many are focusing on the industry’s future, others are preparing for the fallout of the financial crisis.What are your favourite games?A quick look at the top 10 games in Australia’s top 10 gaming regions shows that games like Super Mario Odyssey, Hearthstone, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Hearthstone 2, and

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New game called ‘Crazy Taxi’ gets rave reviews from reviewers

Posted December 15, 2018 16:13:56An award-winning game called Crazy Taxi is getting rave reviews online, with a new trailer that has been widely shared.It’s not the first time the game has been given rave reviews, with its developer, the UK studio Taito, already garnering praise online.Crazy Cab is set in the near future, with the

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The latest UK news

The latest news from around the world.title World Cup: Spain 0-0 Croatia article The most recent news from the European Championships, featuring Spain v Croatia.article Latest News (Latest Daily)

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Australian bank is ready to take over MTG casino business

Posted September 03, 2018 03:30:52 The first major Australian bank has launched an interest-free mortgage business, MTG Gaming, to build its financial muscle in the lucrative world of gambling.Key points:MGM Gaming will focus on the lucrative online gaming industryThe new company will create its own credit and debt management services and its own online casino